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If you are looking to take the SAGE-SR to evaluate your own mental health, please visit instead.

If you have special billing needs or plan to administer a large volume of assessments, please contact TeleSage directly. We can custom tailor a plan that best suits your organization’s needs.

We also offer access to shared demo accounts for people who would like to try the products before purchase.

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We offer two different subscription plans to meet the differing needs of our customers.
The low-volume plan is intended for customers who only administer a few assessments per month. There are no per user subscription fees, but each administration comes at a slightly higher price.

Low Volume
$ 0 /mo

per user

No Recurring Fees

$ 10 /mo

per user

Reusable public links for Self-Report (SR) assessments

Cost per Assessment

Assessment Low Volume Monthly
SAGE-SR $12.00 $10.00 (save $2.00)
NetDISC-5 $15.00 $10.00 (save $5.00)
NetSCID-5 PD $15.00 $15.00
NetSCID-5 CV $30.00 $20.00 (save $10.00)
NetSCID-5 RV $35.00 $25.00 (save $10.00)

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You can use this page to add additional users to your project. Only users who can administer interviews or send out links will be charged. Users who only view reports, download raw data, and/or configure module templates will not be charged.

Total Cost for 0 User: $0.00

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You can buy more of these assessments at a later time.

The SAGE-SR is a self-report screening and diagnostic tool based strictly on the DSM-5. It covers the 30 most common diagnoses. The average completion time is 5-15 minutes. Shorter longitudinal assessments can be used to track a client’s treatment progress.

The NetSCID-5 RV (Research Version) is a research-oriented version of the SCID-5 that is designed to be administered by interviewers without personal knowledge of the client or their medical history. Please note that the RV is also available in Spanish. If you are interested in this translated version, please contact TeleSage.
  • 201-500: $23
  • 501-750: $21
  • 751-1000: $20
  • 1001+: $18

The NetSCID-5 CV is a digital version of the SCID-5 designed to be administered by a clinician with knowledge of the client's medical history.

The NetSCID-5 PD is a digital version of the SCID-5 with a focus on personality disorders.

The NetDISC-5, a computerized version of the DISC-5, assesses approximately 30 common psychiatric diagnoses of children and adolescents. The DISC is designed for interviewer administration or self-completion and has separate assessments for the youth and their parent.

Total Cost for Administrations: $0.00

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Project Name:
Project Owner: -
Subscription Plan: Low Volume
Item Unit Cost Quantity Total Price
SAGE-SR $10.00 0 $0.00
NetSCID-RV $25.00 0 $0.00
NetSCID-CV $20.00 0 $0.00
NetSCID-PD $15.00 0 $0.00
NetDISC-5 $10.00 0 $0.00
Users $10.00 0 $0.00
Total Amount Due $0.00

For invoices over $3,000 we require either a check or direct bank transfer. Click here to have a TeleSage representative contact you for next steps.